Can I get an estimate of the fees for the services required?

Personal Tax Returns – Minimum fee of $350. Time is billed hourly based upon varying rates of staff involved. Business Tax Returns & Monthly/Quarterly Bookeeping – No minimum fee, time is billed hourly. Work in these areas can vary greatly, thus an estimate would be difficult to determine prior to consultation.

Are most meetings in your office? On location? What are your office hours?

Initially, you would meet with one of the partners. We do most meetings in our office, but are not opposed to traveling to your location if it meets your needs better. Our office hours are 8:30 – 5:30 Monday-Friday.

Do you offer a free initial consultation or is there a charge?

The initial consultation is free of charge.

How can I reduce my accounting costs?

This may sound crazy, but do not show up with a box of receipts. Some clients do leave us with a bundle of disorganized records. Keep your records in good order – it makes our jobs easier, and reduces your total costs. We would be happy to show you how to organize your records more efficiently and also recommend software or other methods you can utilize to reduce your accounting fees.

Would we be working with one representative through the year or would it be a collaborative effort?

Normally, we do not rotate work amongst different staff members.   A specific partner will be responsible for the services provided to you along with an experienced professional.  You will have a single contact person, either the partner or experienced professional, each of whom you can call.

How often should I (we) meet with you? 

During the initial consultation, we will determine, based on your specific needs and circumstances, how often you should meet or confer with us.  It could be as often as monthly or as little as annually.

How long has your firm been in business in the Southern California area?

We have been representing individuals and small businesses in the California area since 2001.